Saturday, January 2, 2010

11.5 Mile Snowy Run

Running in the snow is like running on sand, but it's not a beach and you're freezing cold and sopping wet. Sounds enticing, doesn't it?!

I woke up at what I thought was 7am, checked the fitcorp weather hotline to find that the run was still on, and then noticed that the clock on my tv said 6am. Whoops! Back to bed for an hour!

When I woke up I flipped on the coffee machine and made me a quick breakfast...

Whole wheat toast with almond butter, a dash of raspberry preserves, and a banana.

My husband was outside cleaning off the car so that he could drop me off at my Team's meeting spot.

What a lucky lady I am!

While JP was doing that, I was inside layering up and gathering all I'd be taking with me on the run. Below I have my fuel belt with some half gatorade/half waters, a cliff bar in case of a hunger emergency (I typically prefer a Gu energy gel, however all stores were closed yesterday due to the holiday. My bad!), key, ID, Debit Card, phone and some cash.

I also always run with my Road ID.

This way, if someone finds me in a pile of snow they will know to call JP and tell him that his wife is in a pile of snow. It does make me feel better just wearing it though.

Unfortunately, once again my camera would have to stay behind. It was just too wet out to risk bringing along. It was quite a shame since there were some awesome picture worthy moments. Oh well, next week!

I did a quick distance check on

I love this website and have been using it for years! It allows you to map out your runs and figure out the exact distance. I would be participating in an organized run from Newton to downtown at an exact 10.5 miles, however I had been considering running to around mile 8 and then turning around to run home. I was going to see how the team support aspect of the run was going and determine if it was worth sticking it out with the team or ending conveniently at my front door.

Ready to roll!

Here we are on our very snowy drive to the starting point in Newton.

Here are other crazies just like me out running!

And here I am waving goodbye to JP and about to take off.

I was pretty excited about this long run since I would get to meet the rest of Team Brigham and have some company on the roads. Man was I disappointed! Most of the runners came from downtown and got off the T at the meeting place and literally bolted the second they stepped off. I had to ask myself is this a training run or a race??

I figured that I better start running!

The initial running was challenging since I was getting used to running on the snow. I found it helpful to follow in the footsteps of other runners, however it was still difficult. The muscles you use to push off and stabalize in the snow are so different then a normal run. My calves and my butt were killing me!

The first 4 miles of the run were basically uphill and along the hardest part of the marathon route. I got into my groove at around mile 5, stepped in a puddle and soaked my foot around mile 6, and eventually got back into the swing of things. I decided to turn around at my designated spot, but not without a lot of inner debate. I didn't feel that I needed to complete the run with the group for the companionship aspect, however turning back meant running uphill.

Eventually I decided just to turn around since finishing the run at home and being able to immediately shower and have lunch was so much better than trekking on the T home.

At around mile 9 I was famished and feeling pretty tired. I decided to have some of the cliff bar which I discovered was practically frozen. I gnawed off about half, but man was it worth it! I had so much more energy. It's amazing what just a little bit of food can do to calm your hunger.

The rest of the run was filled with me thinking about walking into my warm house, eating real food, and taking a hot shower. Essentially daydreaming about the little things we take for granted, like warmth and nourishment.

I made it home in 1 hour, 50 minutes and ran what I thought was 11 miles.



That's 11!

Snowy feet!

When I mapped the exact distance again at home I realized that I had actually ran 11.5 miles. So that's 9:30 min/mile in deep snow. Not too bad!!

I hopped into the shower and made myself some lunch. I was very grateful to have taken home some leftovers from my cousin Kim's house the night prior.

My Uncle's homemade chicken soup

Some boiled chicken, chiabatta bread, and salad

And some propel water

I also ate the rest of the cliff bar and after writing this I'm already hungry again.

I don't even want to think about the pain my body is going to be in tomorrow judging by my muscles right now. I'm just so happy that cold and snowy run is over and excited for my nap!

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  1. Hi! I found your blog a few days ago on Healthy Tipping Point (I think). :)

    I have noticed that running in the snow is so much harder on my quads and butt. It DOES feel like running in the sand. Great job on your 11 miles! It's too bad you didn't really get to run with anyone. I hope you meet some new running peeps next time!

    - Kim

  2. Thanks so much Kim! I can't wait to check out your blog :-)

  3. Great job on the run! :) I think running in the snow can be fun to a certain point (i.e. there's no blizzard outside & it's not -20F). I should get a road ID...