Saturday, January 16, 2010


I suppose it's normal to get over zealous about training when you're excited about an event. Ironically I toned down every marathon training plan I had read up on because I knew my legs couldn't handle more than 3 days of running a week. I also didn't jump the gun on distances, at least I didn't think I did. I guess I was wrong. I'll fill you in on the gory details in a bit (I'm a tad bit dramatic, so bare with me)...

Since I've been busy at work I've been doing my long runs on Sundays, however this morning I chose to wake up super early and get my 10 miler in before my day. I've found that the busier I've been, the more on top of my training plan I've stayed. I haven't missed a single workout and I think the focus from work has translated over to my focus on training. I don't think I'm alone in that though. I think many people find that they are more accomplished the busier they are, and the opposite is true. Boredom is the devil's playtime!

I got some coffee ready the night before so all I would have to do is flip a switch when I got out of bed.

I made some quick whole wheat toast with almond butter, a banana, and some honey on top.

It was delicious, even at 6am!

After watching a DVRed episode of "The Real Housewives of OC" since 6am is the only time I can sneak in some of my guilty pleasure, I got dressed for the run.

And acted silly as usual.

Last night I downloaded a whole bunch of new music off itunes and decided to bring the ipod along for the run.

So now I had my tune belt

and my fuel belt

I found this amusing.

I got out around 7am and the sky was still in its beautiful sunrise form.

I was also able to dress a bit lighter today since it was a "balmy" 27 degrees.

It was a whole 10 degrees warmer than my 7 miler on Thursday morning and I felt it. It felt amazing!! I almost hate days like today because they give you glimpses into spring that won't come until a few more months. Dear January, stay cold and don't give me false hope. February, maybe towards the end. And March, go for it!

I decided to incorporate running along the Charles River for my run today since it wasn't too cold. I ran down towards BU campus, crossed over the T tracks

Crossed over the BU bridge

Got a cool look back west towards home

and ran along the path by Memorial Drive.

I think these are some of the best views of the city.

I definitely remembered why I loved running in college. I used to run here a few times every week and forgot how much I missed it!

I crossed back over the river at the Mass Ave bridge

You get some stunning views from up here.

This bridge is measured in "Smoots."

I suppose this is an MIT folklore story of some kids who measured the length of the bridge in a student's body lengths. The "Smoot" distances mark the distance from Boston to MIT campus, spanning the Charles River, and have been there ever since I started college.

With Panera, Upper Crust, and all of these other chains being spewed across my alma mater's campus in recent years, it's nice to know that some things haven't changed :-)

And then all hell broke loose. Well, not really, it kind of crept on gradually and I chose to ignore it.

My right calf started to feel tight while crossing the bridge and it only got worse and worse. I kept running (like an idiot) because this has happened before and I've stretched it and then it's subsided. (And because I'm super stubborn).

Anyway, it didn't subside, it only got worse, and by mile 7 after stopping to walk and stretch 5 times I gave up and phoned home.

To keep running would only make it worse. I knew finishing today's run was not seeing the big picture.

And here I am now in all of my pathetic glory...

I did NOT want to write anything about this today. I'm not going to lie, I'm really bummed and worried that I might not be able to run the marathon. There's a chance I can rest for a week and my calf won't bother me again. It might also recur over and over again and I'll have to stop. I just know that I have to be careful and rest before I do more damage.

I figured that this is also a part of the training. Injuries are real and they happen often when training distance. To write only about the good isn't very accurate, so here's the SUCKY!

Good news is I have a gym membership, I can ride a bike, take sping class, do intervals in a few days on an elliptical, I love to lift weights...basically, I'm not nervous I'm going to fall out of shape. I've had this injury before and got into better shape than ever by being creative. I just might not be able to do the marathon.

And then I turn on the tv, see the devastation that is Haiti, and remind myself that if this is the worst thing that can ever happen to me, then I'm a LUCKY girl. I've dwelled and now I'm done.

I still will definitely be raising money for an amazing charity so please don't stop the love from coming...

Now time to go thank my husband for cleaning the entire house today since all I've done since getting home from work is sulk and complain. I know, I know, me complain??? Never!!


  1. Oh man...that is totally a bummer! But you're still early on and I'm sure you can still recover. Just rest and I'm sure you'll be fine!

  2. I hope so! I did start training nice and early, so even if I had to take a month off I could probably still do it. I might not run as well or as fast, but it'll get done!

  3. Heather, I am the marketing manager for Fitcorp and I would like to interview you about your experience with running the marathon and touch base with you periodically between now and boston. If you are interested, please send me an email.

  4. Hi Kim, I would send you my email address privately but it says your profile is blocked. Feel free to get in touch at!